52 Portraits, No. 23

Admittedly, I am behind on posting this project on the blog... primarily due to having been traveling/camping the past two weeks, and trying to not spend a ton of time on my computer. Regardless, I photographed my friend Shanon, who is an incredible floral designer & entrepreneur for the project a couple weeks ago. We spent almost a week with Shanon and her husband, Austin, at their home in Northern Idaho, and had a blast... pictures from that to come. Shout out to my wife for doing the hair and styling!

52 Portraits, No. 11

My Uncle Ned is this weeks subject for the 52 Portraits project. We spent a lot of family get togethers jamming in his basement on one of the coolest guitar collections you could imagine. A couple of years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Instead of letting it define his future in a negative way, he has decided to use it as a tool to both strengthen others with Parkinson's, and educate people on the topic. A series of events led him to join a program called Rock Steady Boxing, where boxing is used a tool to literally fight back against Parkinson’s. You can read more about the boxing program, and my Uncle’s story here.

52 Portraits, No 9

Dan is a co owner of my favorite coffee shops, and over the past several years of going there on a near daily basis, we have become pretty good friends. Dan has always had a pretty cool beard or mustache combination, so I thought it would be fun to include him in the project. We shared a couple beers, chatted about our favorite taco places, and came out with this image.  

Photo 52 Portrait Project

A few years ago I did a photo 365 project, and was really amazed at how much I grew through the project, as well as how much fun I had. I love shooting portraits, but most of my work and personal projects have always been location assignments where I am lighting people in natural backgrounds. As much fun as those are, I want to push myself to shoot more portraits in the studio on a background. Its a different way and challenge to capturing someone and tell a story. For the rest of the year I'll be shooting a black and white portrait of someone every week, and sharing on  my blog and instagram.  I couldn't think of a better person to start off with than my good friend Austin, who is actually moving out west this weekend. Can't wait to see the collection of images as a whole one year from now, or who I will meet and photograph through it.

Thanks, and have a good weekend!


Austin, Week 1, 2016