Seth Lowe


Seth's passion for the visual story has led him to creating both still images and video for a variety of clients across the country. Be it a campaign for a fortune 50 company, a new startup, or local non profit, Seth invests himself completely in the project at hand. Combining both his ability to quickly connect with subjects, and beautiful lighting, Seth's images tell a story that immerse viewers. Having been raised in a family owned business, the values of hard work, good client relationships, and delivering on time and within budget have been drilled into him since an early age. 

Outside of client work, he keeps himself busy with personal projects, and collaborating with friends in other creative fields. He is a cyclist, a bit of a coffee snob, and tries to spend a few nights of the year in a tent. He lives in Peoria, IL with his British wife, and their dog Winston. Check out his instagram to see more  personal work and some of what happens behind the scenes.


Select Clients:

Precision Planting
ANP Fertilizer
Army Reserves
City Of Peoria
Honda Finance
OSF Medical Group
Iguana Med
Sports Illustrated
INC Magazine
MIT Technology Review
Architectural Magazine
IBM Systems
AAA Living
Blood & Ethos
Zion Coffee


Photo by: Shane Bruer