Photo by: Shane Bruer

I am a photographer & director living in Peoria, IL.

I can find a friend in just about anyone, so working with and meeting new people is something I look forward to on every shoot. Im proud to be one of the last Columbia College students that went through the photo program when they were still shooting film, and lucky enough to remember life before a cell phone (barely.. I don't think bag phones count). Somehow I ended up marrying a girl from England (totally outta my league), and we have a little girl (she’s beautiful) and bulldog (he’s awesome). I’m into all the usual stuff like local coffee shops, micro brews, and travel, but ultimately I just love good people, great stories, and pretty light. Both photography and motion are equally exciting to me, and I would love to help you bring your next project to life.


Select Clients:

John Deere
Precision Planting
ANP Fertilizer
LG Seeds
Army Reserves
City Of Peoria
Honda Finance
OSF Medical Group
Maui Jim
Sports Illustrated
INC Magazine
MIT Technology Review
Architectural Magazine
IBM Systems
AAA Living
Blood & Ethos
Zion Coffee