Enjoy Peoria! Tourism Spot for TV

Last summer I had the honor to help direct the new tourism TV spot for the City of Peoria. My friend TJ is a creative director and writer, and was approached by the City Of Peoria to create a tourism piece for the city. We worked together to come up with concept, script and locations, and after approval from the City, we shot the piece below, along with several other videos focusing on new business and residential growth in Peoria. It was an insane schedule that spanned 8 solid shooting days (plus 2 auxiliary days for landscapes, or city events that happened outside of the shoot schedule), nearly 30 locations, a crew of 8, plus talent, and 2 emergency room trips. Super thankful to the City of Peoria for Green-ligting this project, and to everyone who worked on the shoot. Looking forward to the next one!